Inclusive Massage provides professional and therapeutic massage that respects the needs and dignity of all clients.  “Inclusive” means each client is accepted for who they are and utilized massage techniques are all encompassing. Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue,  Pin & Stretch and Myofascial Release  are examples of many massage methods offer. Massage therapy is an investment in your quality of life. Pain, tension, and limited range of motion can all negatively impact your ability to do the things you are passionate about. See what massage therapy can do for you and your wellness goals!

Testimonials from clients of Inclusive Massage:

“Reviewing Inclusive Massage is a no brainer. Jonathan is an excellent therapist who gets to know you before he begins so that he can tailor your massage specifically to deal with the issues you are having. The massages are deep and very relaxing and the inter-activeness of them stretch muscles so that genuine relief from stress and tension is definitely felt. I recommend inclusive massage highly for their professionalism and personalization.”

~K.A. Rickard

“Thanks for the great work! My back (especially my lower back) has been re-aligning itself since you did the bevel bar work on my sacrum. You definitely opened up the area to allow the fluids to move freely in and out! Thanks for the great work!”

~Holly G